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No coins, fast, safe, free payments

Pay. Get paid. Shop. Share. For free within the SamaPass Wallet Net work

Get SamaPass Wallet
Pay friends
Send and receive money
Split a bill with friends
It costs nothing to send or receive money using what’s in your SamaPass account
Pay businesses
Just like you SamaPass your friends, you can SamaPass businesses and use your SamaPass wallet for the purchase whether it is online or offline
SamaPass QR Card gives you another way to pay, and it’s always right in your wallet
Accept SamaPass at your business
Get more customers
Accept SamaPass payments in your app, online, or in person and give your customers an easy, familiar way to pay


Get an Opportunity to Earn with SamaPass

Become a SamaPass Agent today & lead the way to a digital revolution
Want to earn up to €20,000 as extra income? Become a SamaPass Agent today & start earning on your own terms.
Make it a full time, part time or flexi time earning opportunity, the SamaPass Agent program is for everyone looking at earning extra money with freedom & flexibility.


SamaPass Wallet

The fun and easy way to send, spend, and receive money
No hidden fees

We minimize or eliminate fees wherever we can, and basic transactions like sending or receiving money from your SamaPass account cost nothing. Recharging your account via our stores is free as well. Where we do charge fees, they’re small (and never hidden).


Shop local and worldwide. Pay simple. Use the money you have in SamaPass to pay anywhere you have linked your SamaPass account. Our SamaPass QR card gives you another way to pay, and it’s always right in your wallet.


Offer SamaPass to your employees.
Simplify your accounting.
Recover your VAT.
Pay, Reward and retain your employees.

A quick look at our fees

€0 to send money*

€0 to recharge your SamaPass account via our stores

NO monthly fees

€30 at sign up (to support the team for working so hard)

€5 per year if you want a SamaPass QR Card


€0 to send money*

€15 per employee per month (include a SamaPass QR Card per employee)

* SamaPass does not charge for sending money from your SamaPass account. There is a fee for recharging account using a bank card or mobile money (3% + €0.6 for international bank cards; 5.9% + XOF195 for mobile money and local bank cards)
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