Fuel Pass

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Save Time
Carry less money (security)
Handle less money (hygiene)
Manage road expenses
Fuel Stations
Easy and secure access to fuel pumps
Retain and acquire new customers
Annual and recurring contracts turnover forecasts
Digital administration (no more manual processes) Cashiers keep less money (security)
Cashiers handle less money (hygiene)
Company / Public
Centralized, real-time view on fuel expenses
Facilitate accounting
Transparency good governance
Benefit deductible from salary package
Business gifts promotional items
How much does a liter of fuel cost ?

This is a common question you ask yourself before stopping at a fuel station in Africa or anywhere else in the world. Certainly, at SamaPass, we cannot change the price of a liter of fuel at the pump, however we can improve your customer experience by offering you to find the nearest station, compare prices and above all pay differently.
It is in this same spirit of practicality that we want to support you in meeting all your needs that you may encounter on the road: parking, car wash, tolls.


Your Road Solution


A technology combining a plastic-coated physical card and/or an exclusively digital card, both including a QR code.


A QR code, a personal pin code as well as a customer interface to track your expenses on the road in real time.

African fuel card

Valid in several countries. Geographical, linguistic or even currency limits will no longer be a brake.

The SamaPass FuelPass

Card with physical or digital QR code

Custom pin code

Rechargeable at the gas station, online, partner network

Private online space, expense management

Annual plan, unlimited recharges and/or transfer to other users

Fuel Stations

Interface to assignand activate cards

Interface to reload cards (physical or digital currency)

Terminal to validate cards (QRcode + pin)

Multiply distribution partners: convenience stores, hotels, airports

Monthly flat rate per volume of active card

Company / Public

Management of multiple physical or digital cards online

Allocation of each card to an employee

Reload cards by manual transfert orby recurrence

Monthly flat rate per volume of active cards

Custom pin code

More than a ticket platform!
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