Who are we?

More than a complete ticketing system

We help organizers sell tickets online for concerts or even cooking classes.
Super easy to use, we allow participants to buy their tickets via credit cards, money transfers (e.g. Wari) or even via mobile money (e.g. MTN Money, Orange Money...)
Our solution is both for private events like a private concert in a restaurant or for mega-conferences with several thousands of participants.
A larger audience at a lower cost

Take advantage of our audience, our promotional tools and our partner networks to communicate more effectively.

Quick and easy to use

Take advantage of our ready-to-use services, make it easy to register for your events and sell your tickets.
Validate your tickets quickly and easily on the day using our web and mobile applications at no extra cost.

24/7 online sales

Seize every sales opportunity.
Secure and instant online payment.
Save your customers the hassle of physical travel and unnecessary queuing.
Save time, energy and money with automated administration.

Secure and proven platform

We use industry standards and best practices to provide a robust, user-friendly and secure system. You can trust us.

Real-time reporting and statistics

Be proactive and make the best decisions with our real-time reporting and statistical analysis tools.

Guaranteed Assistance

If the need arises, our support team is available to assist you.

Validate your tickets like a pro

Reduce your workload and speed up your ticket validation process by using our web & mobile applications at no additional cost.

Real-time event updates

Changes to be made to your event? Coupons to apply?
A message to send to participants?
At any time of the day/night adapt your event to your needs.

Reward solution adapted to your preferences

3 working days after the event, your winnings are transferred to your bank account, your Orange Money account or your PayDunya account.

More than a ticket platform!
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