Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This page provides answers to a number of frequently asked questions.


1. What payment methods are available on SamaPass?

We accept payments via credit cards (VISA & MasterCard) or via mobile payment (Orange Money, MTN Money,

2. What is the security level of the platform?

Our solution is 100% SECURE because:

  • All your transactions are fully 256bit encrypted (recognizable by the acronym https among others).
  • We work together with telephone operators (Orange, MTN...) and our international partners (Stripe, PayDunya) to guarantee the security of banking transaction
  • We NEVER store your bank payment information.
  • Our solution has been designed by experts, PhDs in computer security and tested from every angle. You can sleep easy :).

We use industry standards and best practices to provide a robust, user-friendly and secure system. You can trust us.

3. How do I contact my event organizer?

On the event page, you will find the contact information of the organizer. If, despite several attempts, you are unable to contact the organizer, you can contact SamaPass customer service at the following address

4. How to contact the customer service?

For any question related to the event, please contact the event organizer. For any other questions, you can contact SamaPass customer service at the following address


5. What should I do if I encounter problems during the purchase of tickets?

Contact us without any hindrance if you encounter any problems during the ticket purchase process.
Email: We are always at your service.

6. What if the ticket holder is different from the buyer?

Depending on the event, the ticket may be strictly personal, in which case you will be required to show valid identification at the entrance to the venue. Please contact the event organizer to find out more about how to exchange the ticket.

7. I can't find my ticket; what should I do?

Your e-ticket is automatically sent to you by email as soon as you purchase/reserve your entrance fee. Please check your e-mail (in your inbox, and possibly in your spam folder). If all your attempts are unsuccessful, you can contact customer service at the following address:

8. How do I present my ticket on the day of the event?

After receiving your ticket by email, you can print the ticket or simply present the QRCode via your smartphone to gain access to the event. Make sure that the data on the printed ticket is legible (either black and white or color).

9. Do I have to print the ticket?

You do not have to print the ticket if you have a smartphone. You can present your QRCode when validating the tickets. QRCodes can be easily scanned to allow you access to the event.

10. How do I cancel a ticket? What are the associated fees?

In order to initiate a ticket cancellation and return procedure, the first action to take is to contact SamaPass customer service.
Email: We are always at your service.

Event management

11. I want to post an event. How do I proceed?

To post an event, you must first have an organizer account on the platform Once you have created your account, you can either click on the Create an event button on the home page or on the Publish an event in the upper right corner

12. How do I create an organizer account on SamaPass?

You have two options to create an account on

  1. Click on the «Create a new account» link on the login page.
  2. Log in with your Facebook or Google Plus account.

13. When and how do I receive the money from the sale of my tickets?

The money from the sale of the tickets is sent to you the day after the organization of your event. Please allow for a processing time of approximately 1 week before the funds are actually in your bank or mobile money account. Upon request, we can transfer a part of the funds to your providers before the actual holding of the event. For more information, please contact our contact center at are always at your service.

14. How do I get an invoice?

An invoice is automatically sent to you by email after each payment. To obtain a duplicate of an invoice, you can make a request to the contact center ( ).

15. Where can I consult the sales statistics?

After authentication, you can consult in real time the sales statistics of each of your events directly on our web platform.

16. What are the fees for SamaPass services?

The details of the fee schedule are available on this page:

17. How do I promote my event?

SamaPass provides an excellent service in promoting events. Events can be promoted on our social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter which allows you to reach a wider audience about your events. E-mails and SMS can also be sent to your audience to keep them updated on your (future) events. This is very easy to do, as for any ticket purchase the customer must enter a valid email address and a cell phone number.

18. How do I validate the entries on the day of my event?

Download the SamaCheck application available on Play Store. You just have to enter the code of your event in the «Token» tab and click on the «synchronize» button. You can now scan the tickets of your event by clicking on the QR Code button.

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