Speed dating International Community

#Networking & Meetup

Rue Royale 316, 1210 Bruxelles, Belgique


Wednesday 7 February 2024 à 19h30

Prix des billets

20.00 EUR


Date: Wednesday 07 February 

Time: 19.30 - 22.00 PM

When purchasing your ticket, please help us achieve gender balance by selecting either 'Men' or 'Women' as your gender !

This is an opportunity to meet new people, make connections, and potentially find a romantic match with one of a kind LETS MEET INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY in Brussels .

Get ready to engage in quick, timed conversations with other participants in a live, cozy setting.

How It Works:

. Format: You will have a series of short one-on-one conversations with other participants.

. Time Slots: Each conversation will be timed, typically lasting around [4 to 6] minutes.

. Icebreakers: We'll provide prompts to help kick-start your conversations.

. Rotation: After each conversation, participants will rotate to meet a new person.

. Keep Track: We recommend having a pen and paper handy to jot down notes or impressions.

. Mutual Interest: If you feel a connection with someone, you can indicate your interest privately.

. Results: After the event, we will notify you of any mutual matches, allowing you to connect further.


☞ Adress : De Ultieme Hallucinatie, Rue Royale 316, 1210 Bruxelles

2mn Close Metro / Train Stations : BOTANIQUE 


A welcome drink included with your ticket ( wine, soft, beer)


Let's Meet International Community

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Speed dating International Community
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