Dr Umar Event (Fundraiser for Cariibean NGO’s)

#Networking & Meetup

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Friday 1 September 2023 à 18h30

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50.00 EUR


This the 1st Fundraiser for United Dutch Caribbean Pan-African NGO's in Cooperation with FDMG from Dr. Umar Johnson. A seminar where in the opening act, three Caribbean speakers will address slavery, reparations and decolonization in the Dutch Caribbean. After a short break, Dr. Umar will address the public about Pan-Africanism, Community building and more. He will also answer questions from the audience. A unique fundraiser for Black Empowerment, Unity, Liberty, Advocacy and Human rights awareness. Let's come together and work together. ❤️🖤💚


BEULAH Foundation

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Dr Umar Event (Fundraiser for Cariibean NGO’s)
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