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Arnay Ferreiro is a Cuban maestro, currently living in Italy. He is a teacher of rumba, timba, isolations, urban style, afrocontemporary, jazz, contact impro. Interested to learn all this? I propose you to dive into his universe in August. A unique possibility in Brussels to learn and improve during the whole week. Evening classes 20h-22h are dedicated to specific style and its implication to Timba. Schedule: 16/08 Cuban rumba and timba fusion 17/08 Body movement and isolation + cuban style fusion 18/08 Afrocontemporary and timba fusion 22/08 Urban and timba fusion 23/08 Cuban rumba + cuban style fusion Location: Tango Factory, rue Volta, 8 Attention: the class on 18/08 is at Mounier. Join the fun and give yourself permission to be a better dancer. Details follow...

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Cuban style with Arnay Ferreiro (Cuba-Italy)

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TANGO Factory

Rue Volta 8, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

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Cuban style with Arnay Ferreiro (Cuba-Italy)