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This course examines the origins and techniques of classical Arabic singing, specifically the revered muwashahat repertoire of Aleppo. Muwashahat are songs based on an ancient Arabic poetic form, with lyrics in classical Arabic. This course will focus on repertoire in maqam Nikriz and maqam Nawa Athar. This course is for students who already have some experience singing, though not necessarily in the Arabic style. We will focus on correct Arabic pronunciation, interpreting musical scores and rhythms, of which one piece can contain multiple. Each of the classes in this course will focus on a different piece (muwashah), and will cover a range of different maqamat. Each course will cover a piece not yet covered in previous versions of this course. Get your EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT if you register before August 4. This course's time is suitable for students in Europe / Middle East, Americas. For more information, please visit: https://labyrinthonline.org/c/kalhafed22c * Can't afford it? Apply to become the Course Assistant here: https://airtable.com/shrfBymBoxPAsrgGu The deadline to apply is two weeks before the course start date

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Classical Arabic Singing: Nikriz & Nawa Athar with Khaled Alhafed

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Brussels, Belgium

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Classical Arabic Singing: Nikriz & Nawa Athar with Khaled Alhafed