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Come and join us every last Wednesday as we get together for the first session of #shesharescircle this event was the intention to create a space where entrepreneur/intrapreneurs can come to build each other up, collaborate, feel connected and feel encouraged but most importantly, it’s a space where free-spirited, like-minded people can find their #worktribe, instead of doing it alone
The objective of this event is to create a shared sacred space for women to hear, support & empower each other.
The evening is structured with a combination of sharing a circle, creative thinking, time to chat over cake and coffee
Everybody is welcome to this welcoming, empathetic, zero-judgment & BS space you’ll…
Raise your self-awareness and -appreciation
Be inspired to take action to create positive change in your life & feel powerful, energized, and recharged Get reminded of what you’re capable of if you have forgotten.
The number of participants is limited in order to ensure the coherence of the group and to allow the chance for everyone, who wishes, to be able to share and actively take part in the circle.
-*-*-*-“The way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else get it first.”-*-*-*-

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She Leads Digital

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We Invite You To The Launch Of Our -“She Shares Circle”!