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Are you a dance and music addict? Do you like to travel the world with an open mind, having exciting cross-cultural encounters?

Come to explore AKOSIA – a brand new concept of dance travels!

Enjoy one evening with us in Brussels, inform yourself about our offers – travel through various beats with us and get a first taste of what it is all about:

Fascinating rhythms, cultures and encounters around the world.

AKOSIA – Soirée speciale for dance and music lovers,

organised in cooperation with Espace Ochola, the" Bridge to Africa" in Brussels. Together we proudly present a multicultural programme:

18hrs – 19 hrs:

AfroCuban Show and short dance workshop with Nico Siriany from Camina Dance School, Brussels  

19.30 – 20.15:

Flamenco Spectacle and initiation with Antonio Martinez, international renowned dancer, teacher, artistic director and choreograph, Belgium/Spain

From 20.15 hrs:

Music without Borders, Animation, Information, Dance and Get-Together

Drinks and Snacks are available on the spot!

Happy to see, chat and dance with you there!


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AKOSIA - Dance without Borders

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Waversesteenweg 261

Waversesteenweg 261, 1050 Elsene, Belgien

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AKOSIA - Dance without Borders: Soirée Speciale